About Ady Park

About Ady Park

Welcome to Debrecen’s first open mic ground located in the heart of the city, next to the Csokonai Theatre and the Ady Endre Secondary School. The open mic, open deck, open stage sessions have a great history in cities of Western Europe and the United States of America. Providing access to stages, to debut mainly for amateur or less well-known artists as well as connecting these hopeful artists with the live music lovers are among the main goals of these events. In other words, the open mic programmes give chance of introduction, singing songs or reciting poems for those who have ambition to perform before live audiences.

The aim of the Ady Park is to provide a stage for performers, musicians, dancers, slammers, etc. living in Debrecen or in the region as well as the artists visiting the city. From now the platform of the Ady Park is open for them three times a week. Nevertheless, the podium of the Park is available not only these occasions, but through the other days of the week too providing a stage for rehearsals.

 Who performs in the Ady Park?

Regardless of age, nationality, genre, production, Anyone can come, sign up, and perform original or non-original classical, pop, rock, folk, alternative, noise instrumental or vocal music, poetry and slam, social or folk dance, dramas, performance art and prose…

 How do I sign up?

Only on this website, through entering few data, the date and time of the performance or the rehearsal. That’s all in case of the Apply A (rehearsals). If you wish to perform before audiences and not only practice on the stage of the Ady Park (Apply B), don’t forget to copy the link (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo) of the video of your performance to the registration form.